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DJI Zenmuse Z15 GH 4 Gimbal  Kr 5.000,-

Zenmuse kvalitet for Panasonic GH4 med OLYMPUS M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 12mm f2.0- passer til S800 EVO, S900 og S1000. Klargjort for Lightbridge! Kamera følger ikke med. 

Built in functions 3 working modes (orientation locked, non-orientation lock, FPV Mode)
  Built-in independent IMU module
  DJI gimbal special servos drive module
  HDMI- AV module
  Wireless video transmission supported
  Camera shutter control supported
  Wide range voltage input supported
  S-Bus/PPM Receiver supported
Supported Camera Panasonic GH4
Supported Lens Currently Olympus M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 12mm f2.0
GCU Input Power 4S~12S LiPo (Recommend 6S if with S800/900/1000)
Control Requirement Four spare receiver channels at least
Assistant Software System Requirement Windows XP SP3; Windows 7; Windows 8 (32 or 64 bit)
Mechanical& Electrical Characteristics  
Working Current @25V, Static 200mA, Dynamic 400mA, Locked-rotor 4A
Operating Temperature -10°C ~ 50°C
Weight 1.26Kg
Dimensions 233mm × 210mm × 192mm
GCU BEC Output 10A@12V
GCU Wireless Video Transmission Power 1A @12V
GCU Weight 63g
GCU Dimensions 64.2 mm ×34.1mm ×19.5mm
Working performance  
Load Weight (Reference Value) 690g (including camera, storage card, battery, lens)
Controlled Angle Accuracy ±0.01°
Maximum Controlled Rotation Speed Pan/Tilt axis: ±130°/s, Roll axis: ±30°/s
Controlled Rotation Range Pan axis control: ±360° continuous rotation, Roll axis control: ±40°, Tilt axis control: +40°->-150°

DJI A2 Flight Controller  Kr 2.500,-

Spesiallaget for S800/S900/S1000, men kan også benyttes i andre modeller. Overlegen ytelse og stappfull av funksjoner. Nytt og bedre kompass, innebygget mottaker, bluetooth og støtte for 2-akset gimbal er bare noen av høydepunktene. Se linker her på siden eller besøk DJI.com for utfyllende forklaringer av ytelse og funksjoner. 

Supporter Multi-Rotor 4-8 arms
Supported ESC Output 400Hz
Built-in Reciever Futaba FASST and DJI DESST
External Reciever Supported Futaba S-BUS, S-BUS 2 and JR/Spektrum DSM2 (only DX6I/DX8)
Recommended Battery 2-6S
Operating Temperature -5 to +60C
Assistan Software Windows XP/7/8 32/64bit
Supported DJI Products Z15,H3-2D,iOSD,DataLink,S800 EVO
Hovering Accuracy Vertical +-0,5m Horizontal +- 1.5m
Max Wind Resistance 8m/s
Max Yaw 150deg/s
Max Tilt 35deg
Ascent/Descent 6m/s
Power Consumption Max 5W
Weight 224g total

A2 Multi-rotor Stabilization Controller
DJI A2 multi-rotor stabilization controller is a complete flight control system for various multi-rotor platforms, for commercial and industrial AP applications. It opens an unprecedented era of precise positioning and perfect flight control in harsh environments for flight control systems.

Its high performance antenna, low noise anti-interference front-end RF design, accurate position and speed calculating, represent comprehensive technological breakthroughs. These combined features make the positioning performance of the GPS Pro near perfection; With higher accuracy performance, larger measuring range, and a unique damping design and calibration algorithm, the IMU is able to provide stable output even in high vibration and large movement environments. The built-in receiver system directly supports the popular transmitters, and it also supports a variety of external receivers. Combined with abundant output interfaces and flexible configuration, it makes the flight controller competent for complex control and airborne equipment operation; the new dual CAN-Bus design greatly improves the data throughput and stability of the system.

Based on the technology and design philosophy of DJI?s Ace series of high-performance controllers, the A2 offers you a brand new flight experience. The A2 adopts a full metal case design and utilizes high quality components precisely calibrated with temperature compensation in all gyros and sensors, industry renowned flight algorithm in flight control and UAV field.

GPS-Compass Pro Module
The GPS receiver of the A2 GPS-Compass Pro Module is equipped with a new high gain and high performance right-handed circular polarized (RHCP) antenna, the low noise anti-interference front-end RF design and the optimized localization algorithm, which provides the GPS Pro with stronger anti-interference performance, a stronger ability to capture satellite signals and a more accurate position hold calculating ability. All these features have enhanced its position locking capability.

High Sensitive Built-in Damper IMU Module
The interior sensor of the A2 IMU has been upgraded comprehensively, and with higher accuracy performance, larger measuring range, and a unique damping design and calibration algorithm, the IMU is able to provide stable output even with high vibration and a large movement environment. The advanced sensor temperature compensation algorithm and industrialized accurate calibration algorithm gives the IMU excellent performance. With the DJI innovative damping structure and material, it is unnecessary to install a framework or cushioning, you can simply stick it on the aircraft. Small size and weight allow easy installation in a tight space, it simplifies the installation process, for various aircraft sizes.

Built-in 2.4Ghz DR16 Receiver
The A2 has a built-in 2.4Ghz Radio technology DESST receiver system (the newest DJI Enhanced Spread Spectrum Technology), which supports the Futaba FASST series of transmitters. It can support 16 channels. Futaba transmitter users can use the system without any external receiver, which has greatly simplified the complexity of the system and improved the security of the remote control system.

Support for external receivers
A2 system has two reserved JR and SPEKTRUM satellite receiver ports, which support JR and SPEKTRUM satellite receivers. It currently supports SPEKTRUM DX6I, DX8 transmitters, other JR or SPEKTRUM series will be supported in the future.

The system supports external receivers including the Futaba S-Bus receiver, PPM receiver.

Dual CAN-Bus system
The A2 system has a dual CAN-Bus design, which means that the system data throughput will be doubled and the extendibility is improved. At the same time, the important data and the non-critical data are assigned respectively on different CAN-Bus ports, which greatly improves the system stability.

More output interfaces
The A2 is equipped with a minimum of twelve output channels, users can easily use it to control an Oct-rotor, and the other four channels can be used as a general output interface, for example, to control the DJI retractable landing gear on S800 EVO, to control Gimbal or camera switch, etc.

Precise Position Hold and Wind Resistance
With the new generation GPS Pro/CompassModule and the hardware upgraded IMU module, the A2 has an optimized inertial navigation algorithm, which ensures the system can get a more reliable and accurate position and attitude estimate. The aircraft which is equipped with A2 will have very good performance in position hold even in a semi-closed environment, such as between buildings, it also has excellent hovering performance. At the same time, with the optimized algorithm of inertial navigation and the algorithm of wind resistance, the Wind Resistance performance of A2 is also improved, and the multi-rotor can have position and altitude locked accurately even in windy conditions.

High Accuracy and intuitive Flight experience
With the A2, flying a multi-rotor will be as easy as driving a car. The pilot is released from the stress of controlling the multi-rotor and able to pay more attention to other tasks, instead of focusing on flying.

Supports Online Firmware Updates
Different from other DJI flight controllers, the A2 offers a comprehensive online firmware upgrade ability: the Controller, IMU and GPS Pro, Receiver and Bluetooth LED indicator can be upgraded online through the assistant software separately. Lets you experience the latest technology comprehensively and quickly.

9 Types of Multi-rotor and a Customized Motor Mixer
The A2 supports 9 types of traditional motor mixer:
Quad I, Quad X
Hex I,Hex V, Hex Y, Hex IY
Oct X, Oct I,Oct V
It?s a UAS that?s targeted at commercial and industrial multi-rotor platforms with simple configuration, easy installation and stable performance. It also supports customized motor mixing, which greatly meets the demands of particular users.

More flexible input channel configuration
A2 flight control system supports a more flexible input channel configuration function; the transmitter channel can be mapped flexibly to meet the needs of various users.

Multiple flight control modes/ Intelligent Switching
It offers three types of control modes: GPS Mode (with GPS module), Atti. Mode, Manual Mode. The pilot can switch between the three modes to achieve different flight characteristics. The Flight controller can also adjust automatically within the changing flight environment and intelligently switch between GPS Mode and Atti. Mode to make sure the flight is safe. In manual mode position the operator can choose between manual and attitude. It also supports an RTH Switch from the Transmitter.

Power Management Unit
The power management unit (PMU) is designed for the A2 to solve the high power consumption. It supplies power for the A2 system, for voltage detection and alarming. It contains two power outputs for the entire A2 system and receiver separately, a battery voltage monitor, and two CAN-Bus interfaces. In order to prevent your multi-rotor from crashing or other harmful consequences caused by low battery voltage, we have designed two levels of low voltage protection with selectable LED indications, Go Home and Landing functionality.

Enhanced Fail-Safe and Auto Go Home/Landing
When signal is lost, the system will trigger failsafe, you can choose either hovering or Auto Go Home/Landing. In addition, the A2 now has a new function of RTH switch from transmitter. There is no need to turn into failsafe.

Multi-rotor One-motor Fail Protection
This function means that when the aircraft is in attitude or GPS attitude mode, and one of the motors stops, the aircraft will retain good attitude and rotate around the frame arm with the stopped motor. In this condition, the aircraft is still under control and returns home safely and highly reducing the risk of a crash.

Intelligent Landing Gear Function
Once you enabled the Intelligent Landing Gear function in the assistant software, the landing gear is default at the Lower position when the aircraft is on the ground; and the system will lower the landing gear in emergency, motor failure or auto landing, to protect the aircraft and gimbal; you can control to lower or retract the landing gear by a switch when the aircraft altitude is over 5m from the ground.

Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC)
Usually, the forward direction of a flying multi-rotor is the same as the nose direction. By using Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC), wherever the nose points, the forward direction has nothing to do with nose direction:
In course lock flying, the forward direction is the same as a recorded nose direction. 
In home lock flying, the forward direction is the same as the direction from home point to the multi-rotor.

Point of Interest (POI)
A2 has a POI function: Point of Interest. When the GPS signal is good, users can record the current position of the aircraft as a point of interest by a preset switch on the remote controller. The aircraft can achieve a circling flight around the point of interest with the nose pointing at the POI in an area of 5 meters to 500 meters radius, when the roll command is given. This function is easy to set and simple to operate, it is suitable for all-round shooting of a fixed scenic spot.

Bluetooth Module and New Assistant Software for Smartphones
The A2 provides assistant software for iPhone4s, iPhone5, iPad3, iPad4, iPad Mini, iPod5. You can do parameter adjustments at any time on your mobile devices, using only the standard LED indicator with a built-in Bluetooth module that makes it easier and convenient. It uses low power Bluetooth to minimize the power consumption of your mobile devices. It is easy to use and will automatically save your last connection data. The password mechanism ensures your link is safe. Parameters can be automatically synchronized to the Cloud Server and can be restored immediately when you change your mobile devices.

User-friendly Assistant Software
The user interface of the assistant software has been comprehensively updated and brings you a new interaction experience. The logical design makes your channel configuration and parameter settings more simple and convenient.

50 Waypoints Ground Station Control System(Available Soon)
The A2 is equipped with 50 Waypoints Ground Station and it also supports iOS mobile devices (Bluetooth 4.0 or above). With the reliable communication and simple operation, it is easy for you to control your aircraft. It also contains such ground control functions as real-time flight monitoring and flight status notification, joystick control with touch, one key takeoff, preset flight route and click & go.

Other useful functions
In addition to the above functionalities the A2 also has other useful functions:

Built-in 2-axis Gimbal Stabilization: The gimbal stabilization module is compatible with almost all 2-axis gimbal systems. The system will adjust the gimbal and camera according to the attitude of the aircraft after setting the parameters for the first time. It stabilizes the camera and improves the quality of aerial photography.

Home Point Indicating: the system will indicate the home point location with LED blinking to avoid the wrong home point recording, and ensures that the RTH function operates as expected.

Tail-in RTH: it allows the users to easily view the LED indicator and have a better control over the aircraft.

Compass Error Alarming: when the compass encounters interference sources, the LED will blink to warn you.

Accessories supported
The A2 is perfectly matched to the iOSD and the ZENMUSE series gimbals, which provides the most comprehensive performance for the professional users. 

Panasonic GH 3 Kamera med Olympus 12mm vidvinkel linse kr 6000,-

Tilfredsstiller videoproffenes harde krav
La deg ikke lure av det tradisjonelle utseendet. Lumix GH3 er et fullblods proffkamera. Med et værtettet hus i magnesiumlegering og polykarbonat, som bare veier 550 gram med batteri. Til sammenligning veier et EOS 5D mk III, 950 gram. I GH3 sitter Panasonics nyeste 16 megapiksler (samme som i Olympus OM-D?) foran en rå bildeprosessor med unike egenskaper.

Ikke bare klarer den å tygge unna opp til 6 og 20 (!) stillbilder i sekundet – den støtter også full 1080p HD-video opp til 50 bilderammer i sekundet (fps), med 50 Mbps datahastighet. Det betyr mye renere bildefiler enn du kan drømme om med andre systemkameraer i denne prisklassen. Dette er spesifikasjoner en videoproff ville gitt høyrearmen sin for.

Sammenligner man 17 Mbps mot 72, ser man hvor mye mer pikslene fyller bildeflaten med 72 Mbps, klarere farger og enda bedre detaljskarphet, uten aliaslinjer, sagtenner eller uhumskheter.

Men det er mer. Kjører man videofilene i filmstandarden 24 eller 25 fps, kan du nyte godt av svimlende 72 Mbps datastrøm. I ALL-Intra kompresjon som gir videofiler med så lav kompresjon at kringkastere og filmregissører kan kjøre strøkne filmopptak på store flater. Bytter man fra MOV-format, som jeg foretrekker, til det mer komprimerte AVCHD-formatet, kan man spare plass på minnekortet sammenlignet med MOV. Men da mister man også litt av filmkvaliteten.

Ta sylklare bilder hver gang
• Blinkskudd fokusmekanisme 
 • Allsidig vidvinkel, fast fokalt objektiv
• Design i høy kvalitet med kamerahus i metall
• Ideelt for å fange landskapsbilder
• Overlegen ytelse i bildekvalitet
• Ny, avansert antirefleksbehandling
• Høyhastighets AF med MSC teknologi
Med elegant metallic-kropp, attraktivt pakket i høy kvalitet, er dette det perfekte objektivet for å ta misunnelsesverdige vidvinkelbilder med et bredt spekter av innstillinger. Foruten sin egnethet for fotografering av landskap med optisk klarhet og presisjon, er det også ypperlig til bruk i dårlig lys, samt steder der blitser eller stativer ikke er tillatt eller praktisk. Til tross for den kompakte størrelsen, gir det sofistikert bildekvalitet og en maksimal blenderåpning på 1:2.0. Enhver fan av snapshotfotografering vil elske dette objektivet. Den har en snapshotmekanisme som aktiveres ved å trekke fokusringen tilbake, med avstand og dybdeskarphetindikatorer som tillater brukeren å fokusere uten å se på kameraskjermen. En annen gunstig innovasjon er ZERO (ZUIKO Extra-low Reflection Optical) belegg, som halverer forstyrrende og uønskede refleksjoner i forhold til konvensjonelle belegg.
Brennvidde: 12 mm
Tilsvarende brennvidde i 35mm-formatet: 24 mm
Objektivkonstruksjon: 11 elementer / 8 grupper
DSA linseelement: 1
Asfærisk linseelement: 1
ED objekt elementer: 1
Super HR elementer: 1
Objektivmekanisme: Indre fokus med skruedrivmekanisme
Bildevinkel: 84°
Nærmeste fokuseringsavstand: 0,2 m
Makismal bildeforstørrelse: 0,08x (Micro Four Thirds) / 0,16x (35 mm-format)
Antall blenderlameller: 7 Sirkulær blender diafragma for natulig bakgrunnsuskarphet.
Største blender: 1:2.0
Minste blender: 1:22
Filterdiamater: 46 mm
Dimensjoner: 56 mm Ø, 43 mm
Vekt: 130 g